Electricity Regulatory Forum – 24th meeting 15 and 16 May

Internal energy market – Network codes & guidelines – Intraday market coupling – Day-ahead market coupling – Long term auction - Redispatching - Capacity markets - Network Development Plan - REMIT
On 15 and 16 May the 24th meeting of the Electricity Regulatory Forum took place. This Forum (also known as the ‘Florence’ Forum) is a place where national regulatory authorities, Member State governments, the European Commission, TSOs, electricity traders, consumers, network users, and power exchanges meet with a view to discuss issues related to the internal electricity market and in particular related to cross-border trade of electricity and the management of scarce interconnection capacity.

The conclusions formulated by the Forum on its 24th meeting concern the following matters:

  • Progress with EU internal market
  • Harmonisation through network codes and guidelines: adoption phase
  • Code on capacity allocation and congestion management and governance guideline
  • Network codes on grid connection
  • Network codes on system operation
  • Network code on balancing
  • Network code on forward capacity allocation
  • Regional initiatives: progress with intraday market coupling
  • Regional initiatives: progress with day-ahead market coupling
  • Regional initiatives: long-term auction rules
  • Redispatching / loop flows problems / bidding zones
  • Capacity markets
  • Ten years network development plan
  • REMIT implementation

The presentations, documents and conclusions are publicly available.