Just published: R. Feltkamp & G. Hendrikx: De notaris en het Wetboek van Economisch Recht

20160829_De notaris en het WER copy 2

Belgian Business Law Code (Wetboek van Economisch Recht) - Notary public - Notaris
This contribution of R. Feltkamp and G. Hendrikx on the impact of the Belgian Business Law Code (Wetboek van Economisch Recht) for notaries public was just published in Notarieel en Fiscaal Maandblad, 2016/5, Kluwer.

The contribution first explores whether a notary public can be considered a company in the sense of the Belgian Business Law Code. This qualification implies that the Belgian Business Law Code is as a general matter applicable to notaries.

The Code contains some specific exemptions for notaries as a result of which certain provisions are explicitly made not applicable. Some provisions seem not applicable due to the specific nature of the public services the notary provides.

The contribution investigates these two types of exclusions and provides a general overview hereof before further examining the application of the provisions on market practices and consumer protection.