Belgian business law code / Code de droit économique

Belgian business law code – Code de droit économique – Wetboek van economisch recht

Régine Feltkamp was invited to give a presentation on 16/11/15 on the Belgian business law code at a conference organised by the Fédération Royale du Notariat belge on the topic “Le Code de droit économique : quel impact pour le notariat ?”

Régine explained the general context regarding the coming into being of the Belgian business law code. She also gave a general overview of its content with emphasis on the points that are of specific interest for a notary public.

A notary public is to be considered a “company” in the sense of the code and thus the code applies in principle to notaries. Several exemptions have been introduced however merely for those cases in which a notary public acts as public officer.

Book VII containing provisions on mortgage credits and book XIV containing provisions on market practices and consumer protection to be applied by persons exercising liberalised professions are of particular interest for notaries.