Crypto-assets: EBA’s views on to the application of the EU financial regulatory framework


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19/12/17: R. Feltkamp, D. Walravens and G. Hendrikx explaining the practical implications of the new rules for securities on moveable assets


Credit - Security - Moveable Goods - Pledge - Property

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8/12/17: R. Feltkamp gives a workshop on digital content and consumer protection

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Digital Content - Consumer Protection - E-commerce
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European Central Bank publishes guide for license applications fintech banks


Fintech bank - License - Requirements - European Central Bank

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Digitale consumptie & bescherming van de consument

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Digitale inhoud - Digitale diensten - Levering - Consument - Rechtsmiddelen - E-commerce

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Alternatieve financieringsplatformen gereguleerd!

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Crowdfunding - alternatieve financiering - platform - vergunning - bedrijfsuitoefeningsvoorwaarden - gedragsregels - FSMA
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Sociale media onder diverse vuren - een overzicht

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Innovative thinking

Modo Advocaten/Avocats launches Innovative Thinking: free legal-strategic brainstorming for innovative, creative, artistic and / or socially relevant projects and ideas.

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Protection of creativity and fair compensation

On 18/04/13 D. Deneuter gave a presentation at a workshop organized by Flanders DC on how to protect creativity from an IP perspective.

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Cloud computing

Presentation: De onderneming in een digitale omgeving – contractuele aspecten van cloud computing (Contractual aspects of cloud computing)

On 21/03/13 R. Feltkamp and Joris Raport participated to a conference dedicated to cloud computing. J. Raport gave a presentation on intellectual property rights in the context of cloud computing. R. Feltkamp focussed on liability (limitation) clauses in the context of cloud computing.

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Protection of design or industrial inventions

Presentation: Hoe bescherm ik mijn design of industrieel ontwerp? (How to protect my design or industrial inventions)

On 14/03/13 D. Deneuter gave a practical presentation on intellectual property rights and the protection of design and industrial concepts. Following questions will amongst others be addressed: what are the basic conditions for protection? Is protection always useful? Which formalities to fulfill? What to do with illegal copies?

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