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We have been advising and defending the interest of the different players in the real estate market, such as developers, landlords, public authorities, estate agents, insurers, syndics, … . Creative answers had to be found for new co-housing-formulas, as well as for the future of real estate no longer used for religious purposes.

Other matters being dealt with concern:

  • real estate transactions
    • personal data protection mechanisms day-to-day advice for IT companies
    sale of property
  • default_titlesale of property under construction (Act Breyne)
  • default_titlevacancy Taxes (abandoned and/or neglected business property)
  • default_titleco-ownership
  • default_title(mortgage) financing structuring
  • default_titleuse of property as security
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  • easements
    • personal data protection mechanisms day-to-day advice for IT companies
    drafting of contracts with contractor, architect, subcontractor, real estate agent, real estate manager
  • default_titleconstruction Law
  • default_titleinsurance for construction and buildings
  • default_titleproperty management
  • default_titlepublic procurement
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A major part of our work consists of giving advice on commercial lease and defending clients in court in all disputes related to commercial lease. We also give advise regarding exploitation via rights in rem, such as usufruct, emphatic lease or surface rights.

Soil pollution

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Soil pollution

As a result of our involvement in the real estate part of due diligence procedures and of insolvency procedures, we gained particular knowledge on soil pollution.