In the past years we established solid knowledge in the specific concerns and needs of small and medium enterprises (SME) as of their start-up and throughout their further growth.

We assist SMEs amongst others with advice on:

  • financing mechanisms (capital calls, external financing, collateral structuring, crowdfunding),

  • the appropriate structure for the business to be developed (contractual versus company structure, company form),

  • the protection of its know-how and developments (intellectual property),

  • the appropriate distribution formulae for developed products/services,

  • the set up of cooperation agreements, general terms and conditions,

  • the specific legal requirements for web shops,

  • publicity and market practices,

  • data protection issues,

  • negotiations with major counterparties ….

We also draft, negotiate or review contracts in all of these matters, assist with corporate housekeeping, or act in litigations involving SMEs (shareholders’ conflicts, directors’ liability, conflicts with creditors, insolvency, judicial reorganisations, …).

We offer also, free of charge, strategic-legal brainstorming sessions for innovative projects set up by start-ups or SMEs: Innovative Thinking.